The quality of our products and services, ethical cooperation, responsibility for the environment and safety at work are the four pillars that attract people to our Company and allow us to move forward regardless of obstacles in our path. We always make the effort to meet the needs of our clients, because for us each of them is unique.

When the construction of the refining plant finished in the fields of Płonia Mała in Gdańsk in 1975, nobody expected that LOTOS would develop so quickly. We established LOTOS Asfalt in 2004 and have been a part of this brave investment project ever since, implementing the idea of innovative development in the production, trade and distribution of bitumen products. We continually extend the scope of our possibilities; therefore, in addition to our production plant in Gdańsk, we also have production facilities in Jasło and Czechowice.

When creating our products, we focus not only on their innovative characteristics but on maintaining high quality standards as well. Owing to this, we have been proud to receive the ‘Golden Quality Laurel’ in 2015, dedicated to organizations that combine modern products with rendering services effectively at a high level. In 2011-2013, we were also awarded the Forbes’ Diamonds as one of the companies achieving an above-average annual increase of value. Our achievements have also been confirmed with the Integrated Management System certificate conforming to the standards: PN-EN ISO 9001 (quality), PN-EN ISO 14001 (environment), and PN-N-18001 (H&S). Therefore, you can rest assured that cooperation with us is a synonym of a successful investment project.

We offer our clients a broad range of bitumens: road, modified MODBIT, multigrade UNIBIT and industrial bitumens. All our efforts focus on the optimum adaptation of our products to your needs. We try to be with our clients and listen to their suggestions. We also create special custom-made products. We have launched two unique products on the Polish construction market: bitumen modified with rubber (MODBIT CR) and WMA road bitumens. All our achievements have been possible owing to the inventiveness and resourcefulness of our personnel, who represent a creative approach to technology.

We appreciate the fact that you have decided to work with us and we feel duty-bound to earn and keep your trust in us. Therefore, in addition to the high quality of bitumen, we render comprehensive services, both in sales and delivery logistics. We offer electronic forms of sales to our clients (eSale, mSale) in addition to well-organised transport of products that conforms to H&S rules and is available 24/7. To show we care for our clients, we claim accountability for the deliveries of our asphalt and guarantee both practical and reliable solutions that make it possible to complete planned investment projects, regardless of the weather conditions and the order deadline. Deliveries of our products are possible at any time.

Our work involves the use of natural resources; therefore, we use the environment in a conscious and rational manner. In 2014, we implemented the Energy Management System (EnMS) that helps reduce the costs of the production, storage, and shipping of products and makes it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We continually introduce best practices in our ecological campaigns, for example, by supporting the initiative ‘Tree for a Tyre’, where as many as 44 tonnes of used tyres have been collected during more than a dozen editions of the programme.

We know how important people are; therefore, we support their development and appreciate their commitment. We value solutions based on discussion and cooperation. Our objective is for our innovative solutions to move us forward, and our clients motivate us to act.